Bridenstine Takes Common Core Stand

First District Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine is taking a stand against the so-called Common Core standards. Bridenstine issued a statement saying nothing in the Constitution gives the federal government a role in education. According to the congressman, there is a role for government in education, but that role is at the state and local level.

Obama’s Politics of War Cannot Continue in Afghanistan

As a Navy pilot who flew combat missions in Afghanistan (2002) and Iraq (2003) and now as a Member of Congress, I cannot react to the news of Al Qaeda in Iraq’s resurgence in Fallujah and Ramadi with anything but frustration and anger.

Just 25% self ID as Republican; independents soar to record 42%

The GOP has grappled for months with a self-acknowledged brand problem, and the consequences just became all the more painfully clear: The number of Americans shedding the Republican label to become independents is exploding. The solution, political strategists suggest, may lie in party leaders’ ability to return to core values that distinguish Republicans from Democrats on everything from spending to personal freedom.

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