Congress Can and Should Still Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and harvests and sells baby parts. Federal funding for Planned Parenthood should stop. Congress can and should defund Planned Parenthood in the pending “Omnibus” spending bill.

Rep. Bridenstine Votes “No” on Continuing Resolution

Today I voted “No” on the Continuing Resolution (CR) funding bill. I believe that CRs are are a failure to govern, a failure to represent the people, and a failure to utilize the power of the purse as a constitutional check on the executive branch.

Rep. Bridenstine to Lead House Environment Subcommittee

Oklahoma congressman Jim Bridenstine (R) has been named chairman of the House Subcommittee on Environment.

Why I Will Not Vote for John Boehner to Be House Speaker

The day after Republicans won the largest majority in the House of Representatives in almost 100 years and won a significant majority in the Senate, our liberal activist president claimed to hear the voices of all the people who didn’t vote. It was another example of stunning obstinacy from this president.

Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine Wants “Unfettered Access” to Fort Sill Facility Holding Minors

Rep. Jim Bridenstine said Monday that he wants “unfettered access” to the Fort Sill facility housing unaccompanied alien children, and he criticized the media tour scheduled for Thursday at the U.S. Army post in southwestern Oklahoma.

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