Reliable, affordable energy is at the heart of nearly every aspect of modern American life. Business and the economy are dependent on abundant energy, and energy issues critically impact U.S. foreign and domestic affairs. American energy policy should be a true all-of-the-above strategy to promote energy security.

I introduced a comprehensive energy policy, H.R. 1487, the American Energy Renaissance Act on March 19, 2015.  Senator Ted Cruz introduced the companion bill in the Senate.  If enacted, H.R. 1487 would:

  • Remove federal government interference in domestic energy production by:
    • Preventing federal regulation of hydraulic fracturing, instead leaving it up to the states.
    • Repealing the renewable fuel standard.
    • Streamlining permitting processes for upgrading and building new refineries.
    • Approving the Keystone pipeline, and allowing the private sector to build it.
    • Excluding greenhouse gases from regulation by EPA and other federal agencies.
    • Stopping EPA regulations that adversely impact coal and electric power plants.
    • Requiring Congressional and Presidential approval for any EPA regulations that have negative job impacts.
    • Supporting passage of the REINS Act, requiring all executive branch agencies to seek Congressional approval prior to promulgating major rules and regulations
  • Expand energy development to allow for creation of more private sector jobs by:
    • Expanding energy development on federal lands by allowing states to lease, permit, and regulate energy resources on federal lands within their borders.
    • Expanding energy development on the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska and on Indian lands, and opening up Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for development.
    • Expanding the offshore area of the outer continental shelf available for energy development.
    • Streamlining the permitting process for additional offshore exploration.
    • Expanding liquefied natural gas exports.

The legislation also has a provision directing all additional federal revenues generated from exploration and drilling on federal lands to a trust fund for reducing the U.S. national debt.

My bill will allow domestic energy production to increase, reduce or eliminate federal regulatory burdens, and decrease our reliance on foreign oil.  These steps will create jobs here at home and drive down energy costs to consumers.  H.R. 1487 has been referred to the appropriate House committees.  Provisions proposed in my comprehensive policy have been included and adopted in other bills.

I will continue my efforts in Congress to support current and future American energy production and to stop unnecessary energy regulation.

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