Campaign Update


I want to give you a critical update on my campaign for Congress.

The same D.C. Super PAC that targeted conservatives when we opposed funding Obama’s illegal executive order for amnesty is now spending tens-of-thousands of dollars to recruit a Washington D.C. insider to challenge me in the 2016 primary. 

I am writing to let you know that my resolve to complete my mission to restore constitutional integrity and fiscal responsibility, and to be a voice for our conservative values has never been stronger, but I need your help.

  • Please watch and share our “Let’s Continue the Mission” video with your friends and family.
  • “Join the Mission” by signing up to volunteer.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength as I pursue my 3rd and final term in office.

I will not capitulate to the Washington Cartel.  I will continue to oppose debt ceiling increases, continuing resolutions, and omnibus spending packages that do nothing to control spending or reduce our national debt.  I will defend the Constitution and call on Congress to use its constitutional power of the purse to rein in this lawless administration. I will not relent in demanding Congress defund Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, and unlawful EPA regulations.

It has been an honor serving you in Congress. With your help, we can continue this mission together for our families and for our futures.

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