Proven. Conservative. Leadership.


When Congressman Bridenstine ran for office in 2012 he made promises to the people of Oklahoma. Promises that if he was sent to Washington D.C. he would work everyday to restore Constitutional integrity, fiscal responsibility, and national security. He has PROVEN to be a man of his word.

  • Voted against debt ceiling increases, continuing resolutions, and omnibus spending packages that do nothing to control spending, rein in our national debt, or defund harmful policies
  • Opposed policies that threaten our national security like the President’s deal with Iran
  • Worked to begin restoring our military to a position of strength and unwind the defense sequester
  • Supported and led efforts to hold the VA accountable and increase access and quality of care for our veterans
  • Opposed job-killing regulations from the EPA and Department of Labor
  • Co-sponsored the FairTax
  • Promoted American energy freedom
  • Defended our 2nd Amendment rights
  • Opposed the relentless attacks on our religious freedoms
  • Called for Congress to use its Constitutional “power of the purse” as a check on our liberal, activist President


Congressman Bridenstine has the backing of America’s leading conservative organizations.

Heritage Action Scorecard

  • 90%

FreedomWorks Scorecard

  • 95%

Club for Growth Scorecard

  • 98%

Additional Endorsements

  • Right to Life
  • OK2A
  • Combat Vets for Congress
  • NRA and Gun Owners of America A-rating
  • Gun Owners of America
  • Madison Project
  • Family Research Council


From day one, Congressman Bridenstine has been recognized as a conservative leader.

  • Appointed chairman of the Environment Subcommittee on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee where he is leading the effort to improve weather forecasting and eliminate deaths from tornadoes
  • Named as the co-chairman of the Spacepower Caucus in Congress and as one of the 5 key figures in space globally by SpaceNews
  • Spearheaded the effort to save military assets within key squadrons at Tinker Air Force Base
  • Active member of the Freedom Caucus working to move Congress in a more conservative direction
  • Led the effort to expose the UAC (unaccompanied alien children) crisis nationwide caused by the President’s talk of executive amnesty
  • Honored for his conservative record in Congress by Heritage Action, Club for Growth, Freedomworks, Family Research Council, and the National Right to Life

My approach and ultimately my vote on any proposed legislation is determined by answering these “Core 4” questions.

  1. Is it right per my Judeo-Christian Values?
  2. Is it constitutional per the original intent of the Constitution?
  3. Do we need it?
  4. Can we afford it?
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